Train to Teach

Train to Teach

School Experience Programme (SEP)

We offer School Experience Programme, which is typically up to a 10-day placement which will enable you to gain school experience. You can observe lessons, ask questions, understand how experienced teachers plan and assess learning, and discuss different approaches to helping young people make progress.

The 10-day placement can be arranged as a block of time or it can be spread over a number of weeks and months and it can occur across a number of schools to widen and deepen the experience.

The School Experience Programme is popular with those who have decided that they would like to undertake initial teacher training but would like to get some first-hand experience before they begin their course.


School Direct

School Direct courses generally last a year and result in qualified teacher status (QTS) – most also award you a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE) and/or Master’s-level credits in partnership with a university. You’ll train in at least two schools within our school partnership network, getting the chance to learn ‘on the job’. You will receive intensive support from experienced teachers and mentors, teaching classes unsupported until the school thinks you’re ready. Many of our School Direct trainees secure a full time permanent teaching role in our school partnership network.


School Direct (salaried)

If you’ve been working for three years or more and like the idea of School Direct, but want to earn a salary, School Direct (salaried) is available exclusively for you.


Bursaries and scholarships (2018-19)

A scholarship award of £28,000 is available in physics, chemistry, computing, geography and languages and £22,000 in secondary mathematics. Alternatively, physics, mathematics, chemistry, computing, languages, geography and biology will attract a bursary of £26,000 if the trainee has a 2:2 degree or above. Bursaries of between £4,000 and £15,000 are also available for English, Design and technology, history, RE or music depending on the trainees subject and degree classification.

If you are interested in training to teach within the Ashlawn Partnership please contact Liselle Dixon (Teaching School Administrator)