Student Welcome Messages

Charlie - Year 7

Wow, it seems like this year has gone by in a flash of colours! I have really enjoyed my time in Ashlawn so far, and can’t wait for more fun in the future. The teachers are amazing and helpful and I’ve made so many new friends. When I was still in year 6, I was really nervous about coming to Ashlawn as I didn’t want to leave my old school behind. I was going to be leaving so many of my good friends behind and this made me feel sad. I remember when it was the end of the last day, most people were crying when they were saying goodbyes to everyone.

In the build-up to the end of the Summer holidays, I started to get really nervous as I just didn’t know what life was going to be like here; but then it was amazing!! Everyone around me seemed really nice and respectful, and soon enough I felt really comfortable in my new school! Now I can’t wait for Year 8 and building more amazing memories here!


Phoebe- Year 7

My first day was difficult because I was pretty much on my own. There were only 6 others students from my primary school. My first lesson was really fun because you meet all of the other students in your class, it’s really nice to meet new people. I found it quite daunting at first - me vs a huge school but even though it was a bit scary it was ok. I often got lost but you can ask anyone you pass to help and they willingly show you the way.

The best way to make friends is: 1. be confident: You might not want to talk because you are shy, not many people do, but just go up and say hi to classmates or people from your form. 2: Join clubs and do things you like, you will meet people who have the same interests. 3: Be you: don’t try and impress people by being someone you aren’t because it will eventually go downhill and then you will need to start all over again. Form is a great way to meet people because you will do games, quizzes and much more. You will also have a great form tutor who you can talk to and they will do as much as possible to help. So, to sum it all up it will be scary and it will be tough but you will have the best year ever and making new friends along the way. Don’t forget the teachers, they are ABSOLUTELY FAB after all there wouldn’t be a school without them .

'Starting Secondary'

When I first came to Ashlawn – it’s a really big school

I made lots of new friends so it’s really cool

The teachers are fab and the lessons are great

You get lost at first - they don’t mind if you’re late

There’s lots of activities and things to do

Like singing and sports club to name but a few

I’ve really enjoyed spending my first year here

And you will too so have no fear!


Raheem - Year 7

I joined Ashlawn school in September of 2018. When I heard I had got a place at Ashlawn, I was excited and not one bit nervous. I have a sister in year 10 and she told me how good the school is. When I started I was most looking forward to Physical Education because I play Tennis and I love sports. I also love Art so I was excited for that subject too! Primary School teachers aren't specialists in these areas and so I was keen to see how Ashlawn could help me improve further.

All of my teachers are very encouraging, especially my PE teacher Mr Ellis. He is Head of Year 7 and a PE teacher too. He is very kind, encouraging and is great at football. He has given me a lot of confidence and has been excellent the whole year.

From my experience this year, I can tell you that Ashlawn is a great school. The food in the canteen is amazing and my favourite lunch is a Chicken Burger. I have also made lots of new friends too. I can't believe I have been here a year already!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Induction day!