Students at Ashlawn in Years 7 and 8 study a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students will cover a range of topics which will develop their understanding in science, with ample scope for discussions and debates.  Every opportunity is taken to carry out practical work, giving students at Ashlawn a sound and safe understanding of several experiments and helping to improve laboratory techniques. There is a great emphasis on cultivating students’ interests within science with opportunities to attend Science Club and complete a Science CREST Award during their time at Ashlawn.

KS3 science splits Biology, Chemistry and Physics into 3 units per subject in both Year 7 and 8.

Year 7
Biology Unit 1  Cells, organs and body systems
Biology Unit 2  Reproduction in animals and plants
Biology Unit 3  Healthy lifestyles and disease
Chemistry Unit 1 Safety in a lab and separation techniques
Chemistry Unit 2 Acids and Alkaline
Chemistry Unit 3 The periodic table
Physics Unit 1 Light and space
Physics Unit 2 Speed and acceleration
Physics Unit 3 Newton’s laws
Year 8
Biology Unit 1

DNA and the human genome project

Biology Unit 2 Food groups and digestion
Biology Unit 3 Ecosystems
Chemistry Unit 1 The atom
Chemistry Unit 2 Extracting metals
Chemistry Unit 3 Fuels and their effects
Physics Unit 1 Energy and energy transfers
Physics Unit 2 Sound
Physics Unit 3 Electricity

Science Curriculum Plan

Course leader:  Miss A Hagyard: