Our aim is to ensure that students develop the skills to understand the past, so that they can make sense of the changing world around them. They come to understanding of how events and people can be used and interpreted in different ways and how to reach their own judgements or conclusions. They learn that actions have causes and consequences which can be limited or wide ranging, expected and not expected, positive and negative.  They also develop important communication skills and how to make an effective and convincing arguments with reasons and evidence.

History Curriculum Plan

Key Stage 3

In Year 7, we primarily focus on British History covering from the Romans to the end of the Stuarts. We also cover the Mogul Empire making clear comparisons to Elizabeth and the British system at this time.

In Year 8, we start at the Industrial Revolution including social changes in the 19th century (for example law and order and Jack the Ripper), before moving on to consider the lives of Black people in America. The students then cover both World Wars and the Holocaust with an in-depth study on the impact and reasons for the rise of the Nazi party in Germany.


New GCSE – first Exam 2018

In Years 9-11 students cover four key GCSE topics, The American West, The Early Reign of Elizabeth I, Medicine Through Time and Germany 1919-1939. All of these are examined at the end of Year 11 during three external examinations.


A level

In Year 12 students complete two of the A level Units. Britain 1919 – 1997 and USA 1955-1992 which examine societies in change in Britain and the USA and the controversial role and impact of Margaret Thatcher (1979-97).

In Year 13 students complete their coursework Unit on USA 1955-1992 and then complete their final examined unit which is Rebellion and Disorder in Tudor England. The students are externally examined on the three topics at the end of Year 13.


Head of Department: Mrs L Fallon : fallonl@ashlawn.org.uk

Teacher in charge of KS5: Ms D Mullan : mulland@ashlawn.org.uk

Teacher in charge of KS3: Mr L Fogarty : fogartyl@ashlawn.org.uk