“Happy New Year”

Today is the day that your exam paper goes ‘Live’ (40% of your final grade) This will now become the focus of all classwork and homework from now until the end of April (approximate timing) where you will have a two day exam to do the final piece for the project.

Students can and should begin this project now. This is not a ‘Mock’ this is the real thing and every minute available counts. IF YOU MISS LESSONS YOU MUST CATCH UP THE TIME

Titles from exam paper to choose as your starting point: CHOOSE 1

  1. The human figure- anything to do with the human body- don’t just think of the whole body- think about bones or internal body
  2. Interiors- Anything inside something- buildings etc
  3. In the news-  you have to do either an event in the news or a person in the news
  4. Materials- This has to be mixed media- your use of materials
  5. Light and Dark-Heaven and hell, light and dark differences- shadows and patterns
  6. Personal histories- All about me style- art to do with you and about you
  7. Connections- has to be either places, colours or shapes

Contents of the project (10 sections)

Section 1 - artists from exam paper (I have prepared this for you- you will get it next week- DUE Mon 29th Jan NSE, Wed 1st Feb KWI

Section 1A - Own photography based on the theme- mounted and annotated-

DUE Mon 29th Jan NSE, Wed 1st Feb KWI

Section 2 - Brainstorms and Moodboards- mounted and annotated (I have some images for you – you will need your own too)- DUE Mon 29th Jan NSE, Wed 1st Feb KWI

Section 3 - Own section- sub heading from brainstorm to investigate DUE Mon 12th Feb NSE, Wed 14th Feb KWI

Section 4 - Own section- as above DUE Mon 26th Feb NSE, Tue 27th KWI

Section 5 - Own section- as above DUE Mon March 5th March NSE, Wed 7th KWI

Section 6 - Own section- as above DUE Fri March 16th KWI, Wed 14th NSE

Section 7 - Own section- as above DUE Tue March 27th KWI, Mon 26th NSE

Section 8 - General art history section – 1 page of at least 2 artists who have studied the theme. DUE Mon April 16th  NSE, do over easter and hand in after easter, Wed April 18th KWI

Section 9 - Specific art history section- 1 page of at least 2 artists who are going to influence your final piece. DUE MON April 16th do over easter and hand in after easter, WED April 18th

Section 10 - Final Design Sheet- several ideas sketched out, media tests, own photography, art history pieces. DUE April 24th

FINAL PIECE – 2 day exam at the end of April

Each section is 1 CRAMMED page with at least half of it taken up with physical art work that has been drawn/painted. Each page has a title and media tests as well as annotation about the page and what is on it and how it has been done etc.

What do I do next?

Think about the titles above, start thinking about the ONE you want to do. Begin finding your own images to do with this theme so you can make a moodboard easily IN THE FIRST WEEK BACK. Try to decide, possibly research two titles if need be.

Do a BRAINSTORM- full and neatly

Begin any art work for any of the pages listed above

Decide the layout- A3- get a glue stick, gel pens and decorative pieces

Make sure the presentation is thought about and decided before you start.

Tuesday January 9th Onwards

You should return to school having already made choices and done some research.See deadlines above and begin NOW

GOOD LUCK- Learn your mistakes from the Mock exam you do not get a second chance at the exam project, think about the target grade you have and the grade you want….

Any Questions please ask or email me


Ms Seadon and Mrs Williams


Welcome to the Art Department.

Our Art and Design course aims to help students to understand the variations in art that exist. It also develops their ability to explore media and techniques through a variety of projects and activities. The skills acquired in Art lessons will help many students to broaden their imagination and creativity needed in many of their chosen careers within and without the art world.

During their first two years at Ashlawn, students learn to develop their creative understanding of drawing, painting and mixed media. Those who opt for GCSE Art will develop these skills and techniques in more depth and manipulate these skills in a personal way. At A level, students have the opportunity to enhance existing skills and personalize their artistic talents in greater depth.

The Art course includes an extensive range of activities; which inspire and develop many inter-personal skills as well as technical understanding and expression of critical techniques.


Click below for a curriculum map for Art and Design

Key stage 3 & 4 curriculum content | PDF


Year 7 and 8 homework tasks:

Year 7 Homeworks | PDF

Year 8 Homeworks | PDF

Year 7 and 8 end of year exam exemplar | PDF


Year 8 into Year 9 - Summer preparation:

Art Prep for Year 8 into Year 9 | PDF

Photography Prep for Year 8 into Year 9 | PDF



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