Making decisions about your child moving up to secondary school can be daunting and a parent’s preference for a small school to recreate their primary experience is understandable, but your child is about to embark on the most exciting and life affirming journey. In the next seven years they will physically change into adults while learning to be the mature, talented and capable people we know they have the potential 'to be'. As a High Performing Specialist Academy, Ashlawn School is an excellent choice providing expertise for the whole journey.

Ashlawn is proud to be one of only five bilateral schools in the country with both selected and non-selected students. Our unique profile combined with expert teaching and learning and effective challenge means that we outperform most schools in the country, enabling our students to gain top quality qualifications that are prerequisites for success in later life. Ashlawn students gain places on top performing courses at Universities in the country. Each student is equipped with the confidence that comes from attending a school that values individuality and is not afraid to celebrate success in all areas.