Accounting A-Level


Money makes the world go round!


Everyone needs to be able to manage money, and those in business even more so - even the best idea will fail if it is not backed by sound financial management.  Is your business profitable? How do you measure liquidity of a business? Which is more important - profitability or liquidity?  How are financial statements collated?  How can you raise money to finance your business idea?  Should you go into business yourself or a partnership or a limited company?  How will you decide if you should invest in new equipment - and what option to choose?  What will happen if suppliers charge you 10% more?    


At Ashlawn we offer the AQA Accounting A-Level course which will help to answer some of the questions above, and more.  It covers both Financial Accounting (starting from double entry bookkeeping to using financial statements to decide where to invest) and Management Accounting (advising businesses and non-financial experts on future decisions based on facts and figures).  You will learn the technical aspects and procedures of accounting, but will also be expected to analyse and evaluate the accounting information and advise others.  This is all underpinned with an understanding of both legal and ethical practices, and the consequences of illegal or unethical accounting practices.





Assessment is by final examination only.  No coursework.

Students will sit two papers at the end of Year 13, each 3 hours long and covering a range of topics.

Assessment is weighted as follows:

  • Demonstrating knowledge and understanding     25%

  • Applying knowledge and understanding        35%

  • Analyse and evaluate accounting information    40%


Skills required

  • Logical and organised approach to work

  • Solid numeracy skills involving percentages & ratios

  • Ability to write concise and accurate arguments, interpreting data critically

  • Enthusiasm to learn - continually asking questions and seeking to improve



Pam Roebuck     Email:        Teacher of Accounting

Liz Cook         Email:              Teacher of Accounting